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Why use XSNano?

Lubricate, clean and protect your vehicle

Because it works! - Better fuel economy up to 28%, more power up to 34%, up to 98% less emissions . We can now eliminate carbon and colloid deposits in engines and clean and maintain proper fuel flow. This means massive savings for you and protection for your machinery. Raise octane and cetane.
Reduce Friction and Wear with XSNano

Protect Engines and Gears

Dramatically reduce friction and wear on engines and gears, improve compression, reduce engine and gear noise and improve fuel economy. Suitable for all oils.
Better Fuel Economy

Fuel Savings and Performance

Improve your fuel economy up to 28% Clean injectors and lubricate the upper cylinder of your engine. XSNano will raise octane level in fuel, so there is no need to buy "premium" fuels. And XSNano will dramatically reduce carbon emissions.
  • Economy

    Up to 28% better fuel economy in all vehicles 
  • Power

    Up to 34% more power in all engines
  • Reduce Emissions

    Up to 98% less emissions 

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Emissions tests carried out by Beijing Municipal Environment Protection Bureau in 2015

  Beijing Municipal Environment Protection Bureau, was entrusted by the International Static Transportation Committee and Xunsn International Group to make the tests.

The purpose is to detect the role of "XSNano" fuel additive in reducing pollution.   
Especially on exhaust NOx emissions. The ISTC is an organization dedicated to the efforts of the United Nations.

XSNano emissions test 

XSNano emissions test Das Auto Santana 2000


China Hi-Tech Enterprise Development Evaluation Centre

The identification report of NANO fuel additive China Hi-Tech Enterprise Development Evaluation Centre established the professional appraisal committee of Nano fuel additive at the May 18th 2001. To appraise and review Nano fuel Additive of PKU Bonus Science Research Centre. As an advanced high-tech research centre, under the Dr. Li Zhengxiao, who is a doctoral studied in the United States. They developed with independent intellectual property rights of liquid nano-technology platform; this technology is a leading Nano high-tech in the world nowadays. Nano fuel additive produced by the technology in the oil fields for the environment and energy saving. It is the fourth generation fuel additive, which is clean and no secondary pollution, and it can solve the problem of fuel synthesis machinery.

As its effect, Nano fuel additive can reduce exhaust emissions of harmful substances, such as carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides, etc.; and reduce the demand for the use of gasoline octane number and reduce fuel consumption. And so on.

This product can be a comprehensive solution octane enhancer, detergent, which is other fuel additives can’t do alone. But also the overall improved engine performance and applies to all vehicles. It is the leader in environmental technology fuel additive products in China.


NANO fuel additive does not contain any metal ions, no corrosion. Its production processes, raw materials and products are harmless substances added, does not pollute the environment.

NANO fuel additive has passed the National Environmental Protection Agency a series of vehicle emission testing and Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau in accordance with national standard two-speed idle tests shown that: it reduces vehicle exhaust emissions are very significant effect, Carbon Hydrocarbons (HC) decreased by 33% to 82%; Carbon Monoxide (CO) reduced by 31% to 95%; Nitrogen Oxides (NOX) reduced 39% to 87%. It has the remarkable effects of exhaust emissions control.

NANO fuel additive is a high-tech product with the leading position in similar products. We recommend that National Governments and Relevant Agencies can sufficient support and attach more importance to Nano fuel additive on the application and development, to expand the range of applications. For the benefit of all people.

China Hi-Tech Enterprise Development Evaluation Centre 2001-5-18

List of Appraisal Committee

Director: Li Mao Ming; Technology Consultant Research Centre for Development of Science Former Deputy Secretary General of National Science and Technology Deputy Director: Xu Yuzhen; Senior engineer (professor) China Security and Protection Industry Association Former Secretary, Ministry of Public Security Technology

Secretary-General: Wang Riming; Deputy Chairman and Secretary General China Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone Association Office of Director of the former National Torch project of S&T.

Members: Luo Rumin; Director of the Centre China high-tech Enterprise Development Evaluation Centre Chen Lanfeng; Professor Beijing Nonferrous Metal Research Institute of Senior Engineer Han Jian; Director & Senior engineer (professor) National Environmental Protection Agency Environmental Sciences Research Institute Exhaust testing Centre Yan Shousheng; Professor of physics Peking University Dong Cheng; Deputy Director Chinese Academy of Sciences National Superconductivity Laboratory





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