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Why use XSNano?

Turn ordinary fuel into super fuel and save money

If your engine is New or Old, Big or Small, Diesel or Petrol - XSNano can save you money. Why? ... Because it works! - Contact us for bulk pricing or shop here now. New "nano" technology (XSNano) can now provide a complete burn of fuel and virtually eliminate friction and wear on all moving parts. Better fuel economy up to 28%, more power up to 34% and far less emissions up to 98%. We can now eliminate carbon and colloid deposits in engines and clean and maintain proper fuel flow. This means massive savings and protection for your machinery and far less emissions. Raise octane and cetane.
Better fuel economy

Fuel savings up to 28%

We have vehicles here in Australia getting as much as 30% better fuel economy using XSNano fuel and oil products, and you could too. Apart from reducing fuel consumption XSNano protects your engine and fuel system, removing carbon and colloid deposits from engines and cleaning injectors and fuel systems. Remove and control diesel bug in fuel.
Reduce emissions

Reduce Carbon Emissions up to 98%

XSNano can reduce up to 98% of harmful exhaust emissions especially carbon. Now you can protect the environment and save money. Harmful gasses are removed from your exhaust so you are running clean and protected with XSNano. Turn low grade fuels into premium fuels with XSNano.
  • Economy

    Up to 28% better fuel economy in all vehicles See all
  • Power

    Up to 34% more power in all engines See all
  • Reduce Emissions

    Up to 98% less emissions See all


  FEEDBACK - This is where you get to tell us how good XSNano really is.

Read what others have said and tell us what you have experienced using XSNano.

We would love to hear from you.

And please tell a friend about this site.

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NDA is suitable for all diesel fuels.

NGA is suitable for all petrol fuels.

NLA is suitable for all oils (Engine, gear, hydraulic, auto trans, diffs etc).


220cc Racing Kart  using NLA           Racing Kart using XSNano oil treatment


Hey mate looking for a good oil additive to use for kart racing engines are four stroke 220cc air cooled motors revving to 9500rpm what would be your recommendation


Cheers Nathan



XSNano NLA suitable for ALL oils used at a ratio of 1;1,000 (one mil per litre of oil) see


$25.00 plus GST for enough to treat 7.5 ltrs of oil. $15.00 freight on any size order, so I suggest you get a few friends together and consolidate your orders. Try the fuel treatment while you are at it ($50.00 treats 500 ltrs of fuel) see


Ok mate can I order that now


I'll order the oil treatment for the moment and I'll try the the fuel treatment later on



Hey mate I tried the XSNano last race meeting amazing stuff I managed 3 wins and a 3rd it gained a shitload of bottom end power and gained another 300 rpm at the end of the straight very impressed with this product





2001 Holden VX  2001 Holden VX

Hi Kevin,

"This is my story that is I use to use Bi-tron some years ago, and the new new stuff (XSNano) is great, (better than Bi-tron), I had a car problem just that happen to my 2001 Holden VX. The rear main seal in the back of the engine went, I did know of the problem I known it was bad but not that bad later I found out after driving my car for about 10 days to 2 weeks after the oil light keeps coming on when I went around corner's, I had the idea maybe it was a sensor on the engine after a trip down to see my mechanic and there was no oil on the dipstick there was less than a litre of oil in the engine and on trips I was topping up about 1 litre at a time after I found out there was a problem. I had a oil slick from the front of the car to the back to the fuel tank it was bad, I have had it fixed now, Kevin's Nano products saved my car not having to replace the hole engine it is still running not a any problems at all thanks, getting some fuel nano soon, as I ran out with it in the hole car getting great economy".

from NSW.




Hi Kevin,

Just leave you a few words on the XSNano.

I have a 2002 Pajero, and after using the XSNano product, motor runs a lot quieter and smoother.

The transmission is also a lot smoother in its changing. I have added the fuel mixture as well, now I find it is a better vehicle than brand new, much more pick up.

No problem in recommending this product to everyone.


Vic,  Noosa


Lexus RX350 AWD 20 -30% better fuel economy             

 Hi Kevin

As promised I have kept track of my cars fuel consumption since our last discussion. Initially achieving 13.6 litres per 100klm with a few quick rev outs on the freeway the fuel economy has improved to 10.4 /100klm on a long run (1200klm over 3000klm) to city driving economy of 11.2 l / 100klm.

Overall, a good improvement.  I will be in touch when the oil change is due.

Mark had previously contacted me concerned that he was not noticing much difference when he first added the XSNano. I suggested he change the fuel filter. He told me he had just added a new K&N air filter and was not prepared to replace it.

I suggested checking to see if XSNano was getting past the overflow pipe, he said it was. I suggested he give the vehicle a bit of a squirt next time he was driving in a safe place.

When I asked him what he had done to finally get some good results? He replied. 

Hi Kevin,

Prior to Xsnano I installed a new K&N air filter, have not changed the fuel filter as it is a major exercise to get at ( Located in the fuel tank )  So just came down to racking the revs out to 6500 a few times and 1200 klm at 110 kph. 

Cheers Mark


 Not bad for a vehicle that was not responding at first.





Toyota Landcruiser in Northern Territory getting great economy                                                                  


We live two and a half hours west of Darwin and I do a lot of kilometres around the Northern Territory in my 2002 HZJ79 Toyota Landcruiser. About two years ago I was talked into trying a new XSNano fuel saver and lubricant by a mate of mine, and I must say I was very sceptical and reluctant to try it, but eventually gave it a go. I didn’t notice any benefit at first, and was told to check my fuel filter.  (it was black and had sludge in it).        

         Diesel Bug in filter

After the filter change I immediately noticed a vast improvement in fuel economy and power, and it seemed to just keep getting better. Now I am getting over 800 kilometres out of a tank of diesel that used to only give me about 600 kilometres, and that is a 30% saving. Now everything on my property has XSNano in it (all the oils and fuels I use) and I highly recommend it to everyone. I have seen a lot of crap over the years that do not work, but XSNano is amazing, and it certainly does work.


R Cash

NT Toyota   NT Toyota


Kenworth K104

CAT C15 engine

Eaton Auto shift transmission

B Double (2 trailers)

Runs between Sydney and Brisbane, it does Express freight from Sydney to Brisbane then loads produce back down (heavy one way and light the other)

Initial Fuel economy was 1.70 kms/ltr, it then ended at 2.09kms/ltr.

That is a 23% fuel saving.


Great Fuel Economy with XSNano in 2008 Triton GLX Single cab ute towing a 17 foot caravan.

2.5 Ltr. Turbo Diesel. 5 Speed manual gearbox towing a Jayco 17 ft. poptop caravan.
XSNano is added to all oils and fuel at recommended rate.
A recent 4,180 Klms. trip from Dalby QLD to Jindabyne (NSW) via Bourke and back to Dalby via Canberra,
fuel used 482 ltrs.
Economy : 8.67 klms per litre or 24.5 mpg.
The reliability and performance of the vehicle with the 2.5 ltr diesel and XSNano treatments is very impressive, negotiating nearly all hills and some ranges in 4th gear.
I would highly recommend the addition of XSNano to all vehicles, especially anyone towing caravans or trailers for the extra protection, reliability, power plus the bonus of greatly improved fuel economy.

I also know that the XSNano NLA works very well in automatic transmissions in the reduction of heat and the improvement in performance giving you greatly extended life of the transmission.


Happy motoring.... Len.



I have done nearly two million K's, with Bitron & Xsano, and not a cent spent on engine or transmission repairs



Cotton contractor at Dalby Qld   Cotton Picker Qld 


Attached are photos of John Deere 8270R four wheel drive tractor (270 hp.) with IVT (infinitely variable transmission).

Cotton Picker, John Deere 7760 (550 HP.) fitted with Hydro Transmission which holds 400 ltrs. of Hydraulic oil.

The cotton picker and tractor are approx. 4 years old.The cotton pickers replacement value today is approx $1.1 mil.

Both are running XSNano NLA (in all oils) and  NDA (in diesel fuel).

I use XSNano Additives for several reasons. The main reason is the preventative maintenance and the possibility of at least doubling the working life of machines, as the cost of repairs plus loss of income through down time today can be a costly business, more so when any repairs have to go back to the manufacture  to be done and this could take weeks with the machinery not earning any income.

The fuel savings with the use of XSNano is an added bonus that also compliments my machinery and reduces overheads, as I feel the fuel today needs added protection as most problems in engines start in the fuel tank.

The XSNano NDA diesel additive added to my fuel at the ratio of 1 : 10,000 gives me peace of mind than I am protecting my fuel pump ,lubricating injectors and giving the best burn possible, which in return is more power, less fuel used and a cleaner engine.

I am more than happy to continue using XSNano in all our machinery and vehicles.

You simply can’t afford not to be using this technology these days.


XSNano Diesel Additive
I run a pig & grain transport company with 4 trucks which pull various trailer combinations. The truck I drive is a Kenworth T904.
I have had trouble with diesel bug in the fuel tanks. XSNano additive has eliminated the diesel bug problem and after the 2nd or 3rd addition to the tanks fuel consumption has improved around 20%. I feel that the truck is definitely driving better. I’m now adding it to all trucks (which are all Kenworth)
We have only tried the XSnano fuel treatment at this stage but if their oil treatment is this good we will be using it too.
At last we have found something that really works.
I’ve attached a pic of Barrie’s truck & AB Triple combination.

Road Train using XSNano

XSNano Diesel used on Road Train in Qld


Refrigerated Transport - Isuzu 10 pallet 06-07 turbo with fridge motors.
We have been using XSnano additives for several months now, and find the results quite good.
Before using XSnano we used to have to refuel our 200ltr tanks at Toowoomba on a busy day just to get back to the depot at Westbrook. Now we find that not only don’t we need to refuel but can make it back to the depot with about quarter of a tank left.
And we have also noticed that there is no longer any black smoke when using the exhaust brakes.
The trucks seem to be running much better and much better fuel economy.






 This is a phenomenal product, it took an old 1966 mustang around Australia last year in a month on the variety bash,

(17 Thousand kms complete Trip) we love it and don't leave home without it.

Cheers Robin






Re XSNANO additives,
Thank you very much for your support of our 2014 Variety Bash entry by donating XSNANO fuel additive and
Rolling Lubricant.
We added the XSNano rolling lubricant just before we left and after we finished when we did an oil change. This gave us
confidence in the harsh conditions for the engine on the Bash which included many hours at lower speeds over
rough terrain and many hours on dirt roads eating all the dust in front of us.
We have used your Bitron products in the past and found that the additives have reduced engine wear and improved
performance overall. These new XSNano products did not let us down in these harsh conditions'
Our engine has to dissipate a lot of heat under the bonnet especially at lower speeds and the oil additive gave us that
extra confidence in the higher operating temperatures. Our engine has now completed 12 bashes since its' rebuild
and is still going strong.
The XSNano fuel additive has been a godsend as it enables us to get good performance out of 92 octane fuel as our car runs
normally on 98 octane which is hard to get in the bush. Even 95 is better than nothing but the XSNANO brings up
the octane rating and prevents "pinging" as we have it tuned for 98.
It is amazing how a small drop or two of XSNano can do this job so well. Our fuel consumption dropped fiom 15 to 17 litres
per 100km  down to 13 to 14 litres per l00 kms after the fuel and engine additives were used. This is amazing for a
big V8 pulling a heavily loaded car through off road conditions day in and day out.
Once again we noticed that the engine runs cooler when we have the XSNano fuel additive employed which tags onto our
engine lubricant benefits.
We have recommended these products to many bash entrants and given out your brochures. We have sign written
your name on our car for past and future advertising as the car will be used for further events and fund raising.
We look forward to a continued association with XSNANO and Variety, the Children's Charity for our 1966 Ford Mustang.
Robin and Grahame Henderson.



1991 TR 2.6ltr. Magna Testimonial
I own a 1991 TR Magna Executive Sedan, 4 cylinder Fuel Injection 2.6 ltr Engine with a 4 speed automatic transmission with overdrive, purchased by my family since new.

In 1997 at 75,000 I treated the engine, auto and power steering with a pure petroleum product which I have used regularly including the fuel conditioner ever since with good results.

Recently before servicing the engine at 231,050 klms.we performed a compression test on all 4 cylinders of the engine.
Results: 170 psi.- 175 psi.(very good)

Servicing the engine with the new oil I added a new product to the oil called Xsnano NLA Engine additive (5 5 ltrs. of oil).
After a short run of 10 klms.we performed another compression test.

Results: 181 psi.-184 psi. (Excellent) a increase of 5.5%

A previous trip to Rockhampton (a distance of 562 klms). fuel used was 61.2 ltrs.

After adding Xsnano NLA engine additive plus Xsnano NGA gasoline additive, the last trip to Rockhampton with similar conditions, (same servo fill ups), the fuel used was 49.6 ltrs.(incredible)

Increased fuel economy approx. 23%


Len Wirth Dalby Qld.


Been using the XSnano fuel additives for some months now, I wouldn't run my motors without it,

I will check oil additives soon!

Hi Kevin here is an update on my experiences with the Xsnano Additives,

I have a Diesel Fuelled Mercedes Motor Home with 375,000 K's covered, since I've been using XSNano in the engine and fuel of the M/home it has been remarkably smooth & powerful particularly up hill, where I change down much less than before, with none of the usual Diesel rattles, the fuel usage on normal running is nearly 1000 K/m's on 75L, the engine oil doesn't go the usual black colour which a heavy vehicle of this usage usually does.

 Mrecedes camper


"I have done nearly two million K's,with Bitron & Xsano, not a cent on engine or transmission repairs."


Ralph Seabrook


Kevin I will send you a text message that my son sent me. He is referring to XSnano of course.  He has an early 80series turbo wagon, motor was rebuilt about 70k ago.  He has been using bi-tron oil additive for years, but no fuel treatments. (a Bi-Tron story. he and a mate actually drained the oil and water from an old torana and left it running all day after treating it with bi-tron, and then they reckon it ran better than before).

I treated my cruiser with the XSNano, as yet I have not finished a fuel test, but the increase in power is fabulous. I now find that I can let it slow down to under 1000rpm and it will accelerate away in 5th gear. It used to complain like hell if it got under 1200rpm.

Good stuff, but I guess you know it.

 Steve Krahe



I’m definitely getting an improved economy, difficult to be precise but somewhere in the range of 5% to 8% better than Bitron.  Does that sound right?

Does the XSNano come in bigger containers?




Hi Len, I would like to give you feedback on the Xsnano Diesel Treatment,

Day 1, The product made the motor quieter (not that it was noisy before but it is quieter)

Day 2, There was a noticeable difference is acceleration, (more crisper).

Day 3, I noticed the normal shuttering when the diesel was warming up has disappeared

Day 4, When towing my golf cart (about 3 quarters of a ton) there was no loss of pick-up and I did not use as much fuel as usual when towing the golf cart (was quite visible before the treatment)

Day 5, I find I am using less fuel

Overall this product does what it said it would and as a consumer who was quite sceptical (after trying several other products), you can't ask for more than that...

Kind Regards

Steve Finn


I have been using and selling a brilliant lubrication product for nearly twenty years now.

Recently my partner and I did some research into technology advances and after extensive investigation we decided to take a look at some new NANO technology that has been taking the world by storm.

I thought I would try the XSNano petrol fuel additive in my new VRX Pajero V6.


First of all I could not imagine such a small amount making any difference to my car. And secondly, I was already getting great results with the treatment I was using so I didn't expect to see any change.

I was amazed.

Immediately I noticed the extra power.

And then when I did the figures, my fuel consumption went from 14 ltrs / 100 ks to just 9 ltrs / 100 ks. and I was using standard unleaded (91) petrol. (The Pajero requires minimum of 95 octane).

And the vehicle actually ran better than before.

That is why I can thoroughly recommend using XSNano in your vehicle.

You too can save money.

Kevin Carpenter – Lubrication Solutions P/L

Update .. The best I am getting now on XSnano is 7.4ltr per 100 km

Don't have to look for cheap fuel near me. Who needs a cheap fuel finder?


VRX Pajero V6 Petrol



Hello Kev,

I've been using XSNano lubricant and fuel savers for two years now. I used to always use Premium 95 or 98 fuel in my car and motorbikes for more kilometres to the litre, before learning about your products.
Now with your fuel saver added I'm using 91 unleaded and getting even more kilometres per litre than before.
The cost of your fuel saver and 91 unleaded roughly equals the cost of buying 95 Premium, and of course cheaper than 98 Premium.

My wife's 2012 Toyota Corolla 1800cc sedan was using on average around 7.2 litres per 100 klms on Premium on the highway, it is now averages 6.5 litres per 100 klms and seems to have more performance, using your fuel saver and 91 unleaded.

My 2002 Kawasaki ZRX1200 S (a touring motorcycle) was always a good performer at around 5 litres per 100 klms on Premium, using your fuel saver and 91 unleaded the best I've had is 4.1 litres. Wow!!!
A few months ago I did a trip to Phillip Island (from Bundaberg in Qld) for the Moto GP with 5 other riders, no pillions. Towing a fully loaded  trailer behind my ZRX I consistently used less fuel than all the other bikes, a couple of which had much smaller engines than mine.

My 2006 Kawasaki ZX1200R (a sports bike) has always been heavy on fuel, around 6-6.5 litres per 100klms using Premium.
I still use Premium in this bike because it has such a high performance engine, but with your fuel saver added I'm nearly down to 5 litres per 100 klms, bloody amazing.

I am a XSNano Convert, thank you very much.

Syd Poole


Hello Kevin

My 2009 Pajero 4 cyl. 4x4 Turbo Diesel – 81000 kms.  Town running 13.2 to 13.4  per 100km.  Put in XSNano rolling lubricant additive, now running quieter, smoother and with more power.

Added diesel additive – no more black ring around the exhaust.

No fuel saving after two weeks so I put in a K & N air filter and a new fuel filter.  It has cleaned all ‘shit’ build up in the tank, lines and exhaust.

Town running is now 8.7 to 9.5.  I even get down to 7 litres per 100km on a small trip but didn’t stay there for long – average 7.4 to 7.7.


Jim Bryan

 This XSNano works!
I save on average 30% on a V6 petrol 4wd Prado. More HP and a smoother quiet engine..
Contact Kevin or myself now for sales.
You won't use anything else again.. Guaranteed!
Carl Carinus



My IX 35 Highlander is a two Litre 4 cylinder Turbo Diesel. Goes like the wind when U put the foot down.  The XSNano diesel additive has made a big difference. 

We travelled to Canberra last week & returned Thursday 4th Dec. Canberra is 651Km each way.

On arriving at Adrian's place the car usually has enough fuel for about 100km. On the trip up I still had enough fuel left for a further 160km (that is 60km more).

Coming back the news was better.

On arriving home, I still had left in the tank a further 260km on top of what I normally use.

This gives an increase of 160 klms extra on a 651 klm trip. (Approx 24% increase).

I am still driving on the same fuel.

To be honest I did not believe this would be possible.

I will continue to use it!



 We have a 2010 Model Isuzu diesel NPR 400 Body Truck (approx. 6 Ton).

And using the XSNano Diesel Additive NDA with pleasing results, this alone is giving approximately

20% increase in kilometers driven per tank, and have now treated the engine and drive train with XSNano NLA oil and gear additive, confident that the figures will improve.



Some customer comments after using an XSnano fuel additive.

All I can confirm at this early stage is that the Audi TT starts easier. For the last few weeks I had to crank it once and then again to get it to start but since I put the XSnano in it, it has been starting on the first crank. Cleaner spark plugs is what I am thinking? 


Since i started using XSnano in the Ssanyong, i can still see the vehicles behind me after i put the foot down.
Am also using XSnano in the the Chev, 350 V8, and have gone back to using standard unleaded fuel in lieu of premium, there has been no loss of power. Economy is still woeful but a bit better.


I just filled the diesel (80 series turbo) and it is doughy as hell, and then i realised that i had not put XSnano Diesel additive in when i filled up. I guess that stuff works.


I find that my cruiser, 80 series turbo diesel, has a lot more power down low, it can comfortably pull away from as low as 1000 revs in 4th or 5th gear. Economy while towing the caravan has improved from near 5K/L to around 6K/L. Normal driving, mainly on the highway from Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast, was 1300 klm for 144 litres.


Yamaha 1300 FJR. This machine does not need any more power. Low down torque has improved wherein it can now easily pull away at low revs without needing to change down. The power band that develops around 4500rpm is not as significant as the bike is now pulling a lot harder all the way through the rev range. Fuel economy has improved from 18 to 20 K/L.


After driving my Battery delivery pantec to Gympie, i had a lot more fuel left in the tank.

B. Batteries.


I've used this product in my Nissan 350z and the performance is quite noticeable.

The long benefit is what turned me to this product. Knowing my engine is looked

after for the long haul as opposed to the 98 Octane at the pump is a no brainer.

People need to be better education about addictives.

Louie Radburnd

Pilot car for heavy and oversized trucks

I have been trying the XSNano products in one of my pilot cars and have done 2 round Aust trips in the past 2 months and it is been getting better as I go I have been using Bi-Tron for 15 years and this product is far better. I will be putting all my cars on it.

I highly recommend XSNano


Pilot Vehicle


Some quick responses from our customer feedback form

It actually performs as stated.
Used the gear all in differentials and transfer case in a 4.8 petrol Nissan Patrol -- used to quiet a slightly noisy chain in the transfer case -- has reduced noise by about 75%
It works brilliantly, it actually does what it says what it will do. Increase engine power .Reduce fuel consumption and exhaust emissions dramatically.
seems to work well when used in whole car
It Workz!!!!
solves a engineering problem
Engine runs at lower temps, does not ping, better fuel economy. Great when only lower octane fuel is available
It actually performs as stated.
It appears to work
Saves you money
The fact that it saves you money and is doing the engine good
fuel savings
I used it's predecessor many years before which gave my motor, which was ready to pack it in, another '4 years' of life which I'm Very Grateful for as I have a very tight budget.
Easy to use, it works.
It works
I don't know if it works but it's relatively cheap.
Performance and longevity benefits
easy to use Dose ratio

 Beijing Municipal Environment Protection Bureau, was entrusted by the International Static Transportation Committee                                        
and Xunsn International Group to make the tests. The purpose is to detect the role of "XSNano" fuel additive in reducing pollution.                                        
Especially on exhaust NOx emissions. The ISTC is an organization dedicated to the efforts of the United Nations.

Three vehicles tested were, BMW 730Li - Das Auto Santana 2000 - Kingcup Mini Bus

BMW 730Li Das Auto Santana 2000 Kingcup Mini Bus

Testing Data                        
BMW 730Li                        
      Rotation Rate   Rotation  Rate   Rotation Rate   States  
      (3000 + 50 r/min) / (g/km) (2000 r/min) / (g/km) (850 - 900 r/min) / (g/km)    
  Date Mileage/KM         CO         HC      NOx        CO        HC       NOx        CO        HC      NOx    
  23-03-15 32456 1.065 0.089 0.081 1.002 0.091 0.076 0.093 0.079 0.081          No Xsnano
  14-04-15 33109 1.352 0.109 0.08 0.089 0.101 0.062 0.054 0.061 0.051      With XSNano
  06-05-15 33850 0.066 0.083 0.079 0.061 0.074 0.054 0.055 0.063 0.008      With XSNano
  26-05-15 34587 0.004 0.021 0.051 0.023 0.039 0.059 0.035 0.04 0.012      With XSNano
  10-06-15 35331 0.002 0.017 0.053 0.021 0.033 0.052 0.035 0.037 0.017      With XSNano
  Reduction % 99.81% 80.90% 34.57% 97.90% 63.74% 31.58% 62.37% 53.16% 79.91%     With XSNano
Das Auto Santana 2000                      
      Rotation Rate   Rotation  Rate   Rotation Rate   States  
      (3000 + 50 r/min) / (g/km) (2000 r/min) / (g/km) (850 - 900 r/min) / (g/km)    
  Date Mileage/KMCO        CO        HC      NOx        CO        HC      NOx         CO        HC      NOx    
  23-03-15 137323 5.405 0.189 0.231 3.991 0.163 0.201 3.12 0.181 0.179         No XSNano
  12-04-15 137788 2.653 0.166 0.315 2.013 0.158 0.189 1.955 0.177 0.183      With XSNano
  04-05-15 138321 1.397 0.137 0.121 1.113 0.16 0.091 1.083 0.149 0.089      With XSNano
  26-05-15 138865 0.923 0.093 0.132 1.003 0.117 0.099 1.107 1.103 0.093      With XSNano
  09-06-15 139398 0.891 0.094 0.109 1.001 0.079 0.093 0.881 0.067 0.073      With XSNano
  Reduction % 83.52% 50.26% 52.61% 74.82% 51.53% 53.73% 71.76% 51.93% 59.22%     With XSNano
Kingcup Mini Bus                        
      Rotation Rate   Rotation  Rate   Rotation Rate   States  
      (3000 + 50 r/min) / (g/km) (2000 r/min) / (g/km) (850 - 900 r/min) / (g/km)    
  Date Mileage/KM         CO         HC       NOx         CO         HC       NOx         CO         HC      NOx     
  23-03-15 96533 1.63 0.17 0.15 1.24 0.14 0.11 1.02 0.23 0.102         No XSNano
  10-04-15 97132 0.137 0.079 0.101 0.088 0.073 0.061 0.98 0.251 0.06      With XSNano
  24-04-15 97781 0.082 0.041 0.081 0.094 0.039 0.068 1.12 0.137 0.079      With XSNano
  11-05-15 98446 0.08 0.033 0.054 0.08 0.033 0.059 0.064 0.107 0.06      With XSNano
  31-05-15 99793 0.061 0.03 0.053 0.079 0.034 0.054 0.08 0.093 0.06      With XSNano
  Reduction % 95.30% 82.35% 64.67% 93.63% 75.71% 50.91% 92.16% 59.57% 41.18%     With XSNano



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