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Why use XSNano?

Turn ordinary fuel into super fuel and save money

If your engine is New or Old, Big or Small, Diesel or Petrol - XSNano can save you money. Why? ... Because it works! - Contact us for bulk pricing or shop here now. New "nano" technology (XSNano) can now provide a complete burn of fuel and virtually eliminate friction and wear on all moving parts. Better fuel economy up to 28%, more power up to 34% and far less emissions up to 98%. We can now eliminate carbon and colloid deposits in engines and clean and maintain proper fuel flow. This means massive savings and protection for your machinery and far less emissions. Raise octane and cetane.
Better fuel economy

Fuel savings up to 28%

We have vehicles here in Australia getting as much as 30% better fuel economy using XSNano fuel and oil products, and you could too. Apart from reducing fuel consumption XSNano protects your engine and fuel system, removing carbon and colloid deposits from engines and cleaning injectors and fuel systems. Remove and control diesel bug in fuel.
Reduce emissions

Reduce Carbon Emissions up to 98%

XSNano can reduce up to 98% of harmful exhaust emissions especially carbon. Now you can protect the environment and save money. Harmful gasses are removed from your exhaust so you are running clean and protected with XSNano. Turn low grade fuels into premium fuels with XSNano.
  • Economy

    Up to 28% better fuel economy in all vehicles See all
  • Power

    Up to 34% more power in all engines See all
  • Reduce Emissions

    Up to 98% less emissions See all


These are frequently asked questions by customers and potential clients. We provide answers to questions that most people want to ask.If you have any questions you would like answewed please email us at


Q - Can XSnano increase vehicle power and will it be noticeable?

A - Yes, it can improve the power, and this should be noticeable immediately, the increase in power depends on type of vehicle and fuel type but we would estimate between 10% and 34% improvement may result.

Q - Can it improve the octane / Cetane of fuel?

A - Yes, You should achieve an improvement in the region of 1 – 6 points Increases octane rating of petrol by 4-8 RON (No need to buy High Octane fuel which is a further saving).)

Q - How much is used per tank fill up?

A - The mixture ratio is 1 parts XSnano to 10,000 parts fuel, so a 100L fill up would require 10ml of XSnano no need to add any extra than the 1'10,000 dosage.

Q - Will this invalidate my vehicle warranty?

A - No, the additive does not alter fuel from its required specification for use in your engines. We have found no situation where the XSnano has taken any fuel out of it original required manufactured specification.

Q - Does it work with Bio diesels?

A - Yes, XSNano can improve all fuels and engines.

Q - Is this just a detergent like the many other products on the market?

A - No, XSNano product is unlike other products on the market; it improves the combustion of the fuel adding oxygen molecules and breaking down the larger fuel molecules to increase the surface area of the fuel to be burned. This gives a more complete burn. Other products and detergents, although keeping the engine clean, do not improve the efficiency of the fuel.

Q - Will XSnano give an immediate effect?

A - Yes. Unlike other products it is not a engine cleaner, which do take time to remove hard deposits. Although XSnano does clean the engine, it also enables the fuel to burn fuller, something others do not do.


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