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Why use XSNano?

Lubricate, clean and protect your vehicle

Because it works! - Better fuel economy up to 28%, more power up to 34%, up to 98% less emissions . We can now eliminate carbon and colloid deposits in engines and clean and maintain proper fuel flow. This means massive savings for you and protection for your machinery. Raise octane and cetane.
Reduce Friction and Wear with XSNano

Protect Engines and Gears

Dramatically reduce friction and wear on engines and gears, improve compression, reduce engine and gear noise and improve fuel economy. Suitable for all oils.
Better Fuel Economy

Fuel Savings and Performance

Improve your fuel economy up to 28% Clean injectors and lubricate the upper cylinder of your engine. XSNano will raise octane level in fuel, so there is no need to buy "premium" fuels. And XSNano will dramatically reduce carbon emissions.
  • Economy

    Up to 28% better fuel economy in all vehicles 
  • Power

    Up to 34% more power in all engines
  • Reduce Emissions

    Up to 98% less emissions 

About Lubrication Solutions P/L

 Lubrication Solutions P/L ACN 137 619 857 trading as Bi-Tron Australia  ABN 46 137619857

Lubrication Solutions P/L have been providing the best lubricants and fuel conditioners in Australia since 1996 and we continue to do so.

Please be advised that Bi-Tron Australia using the registered trading name Bi-Tron Australia, has formed a company which is Lubrication Solutions P/L and we are agents for XSNano in Australia and New Zealand.
All invoices and payments formerly addressed to Bi-Tron Australia will now be addressed to Lubrication Solutions P/L ACN 46137619857


Lubrication Solutions P/L 
Head Office - Brisbane
Po Box 1011 Capalaba 4157

Mob 0411024117 contact Kevin Carpenter

Ph 07 38241653


To purchase XSNano you can go straight to our online store or for bulk orders and bulk pricing email or contact
Kevin Carpenter - Brisbane ph 07 38241653
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XSNANO fuel additive, a high-tech product developed by XUNSN International Group Ltd. that has combined such technologies as liquid phase nanotechnology and radiation chemical engineering, is currently the world’s most advanced fuel additive and also the most efficient clean fuel additive. With a solid foundation in international scientific research and talents, the company has been constantly developing high-tech nanotechnology series products. The company’s production base is equipped with a production capacity of over 1,000 tons of nanotechnology fuel additives and nanotechnology lubricating oil additives a year. With the technological strength from Beijing University accumulated for over one hundred years and XUNSN International Group Ltd.’s abundant capital and resources, the company incubates high-tech projects and transforms them into social productive forces. The company’s goal is to integrate the latest technology with business and civil use and is committed to protecting the environment and benefiting the society.


ISO Certificates:











Scientist Team

Our XSNano R&D team consists of 11 scientists from all over the world. With Dr. Steven Lee, Dr. Pavel Sergey and Dr. Susan Wang as the core of the team

Our Chief scientist is Dr. Lee, an American Chinese. He graduated from Peking University (PKU) in Material Science and Engineering with a specialisation in thermodynamic studies. He also obtained his doctorate from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Aerospace and Aviation Engineering Studies.

1995-2000 Dr Lee worked at NASA, with his job focus mainly on the design of rocket propellers and the calculation of fuel-energy conversion

2001 Returned to China upon invitation from the Chinese State department.

2001 Taught at the PKU and in a PhD. course for Thermodynamic studies

2002 Consultant to the aerospace and aviation engineering industry in China in addition to his teaching duties at the PKU

2005 Chief Scientist at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Liquid Nano Technology

2006 Chief Scientist at Xunsn Nano Research and Development Centre

2008 Awarded the Top Ten Outstanding Scientist Award in China and also recognised for his contribution to the Protection of the Environment by the Chinese Government

2014 Second major shareholders of Xunsn Nano Group

DR. PAVEL SERGEY, Russian, Professor at the Moscow Institute of Physics

DR.SUSAN WANG, Chinese, Phd. At Goethe University Frankfurt in Quantum Mechanics.




History of XSNANO

In 1996, Liquid Nano Technology is developed;

In 1998, successfully developed the first generation of Nano technology fuel additives, with an effective ratio of 1:1000

In 1999further development of the Nanotechnology fuel additive, with an increase in effective ratio to 1:5000 and also significantly enhanced the stability of the product.

In 2000PKU Bonus Corp was founded, under the brand name of Bonus, the first Nanotechnology fuel additive products are produced and sold.

In 2005 PKU Bonus Corp. was on the brink of insolvency due to market conditions

In 2006, Xunsn International Group invested in PKU Bonus Corp and obtained 51% of its shareholding. In the same year, due to further development of the product, performance in terms of stability and effectiveness are both enhanced, reaching an effective ratio of 1:10,000

In 2007, Under the brand name of Xunsn Nano, PKU Bonus Corp manufactured and distributed the product in the region of People’s Republic of China while Xunsn International Group was in charge of all overseas sales and exporting.

In 2008, Xunsn International Group further acquired 33% of PKU Bonus Corp shares, bringing it to a total of 84%. PKU Bonus Corp will now only be responsible for the production. All sales of product will only be through XUNSN International Group. With sales in the Chinese market under the brand name of Bonus and all overseas sales be under the brand name of Xunsn Nano.

In the same year, Xunsn Nano was recognised by the Chinese Academy of Sciences as the only physical based fuel additive which is highly efficient, beating our competitors ECOFUEL (US) and H20il(China)

In 2009, Due to flagrant infringement of the Bonus brand name in the Chinese Market, XUNSN International group decided to cease the use of the Bonus brand name and market the product under the sole name of XUNSN Nano.

In the same year, ECOFUEL and H2OIL phased out of the Chinese Market.

In 2010Xunsn International Group acquired full and complete ownership of PKU Bonus Corp.;

In 2012, PKU Bonus Corp. changes its name to PKU XS-Bonus Corp.

In 2013, the brand name Xunsn Nano was changed to XSNano;

In 2014, Xunsn International Group begins its journey to an IPO on the London Stock Exchange.



Lubrication Solutions P/L was granted sole agency for Australia and New Zealand in July 2013

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