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Why use XSNano?

Turn ordinary fuel into super fuel and save money

If your engine is New or Old, Big or Small, Diesel or Petrol - XSNano can save you money. Why? ... Because it works! - Contact us for bulk pricing or shop here now. New "nano" technology (XSNano) can now provide a complete burn of fuel and virtually eliminate friction and wear on all moving parts. Better fuel economy up to 28%, more power up to 34% and far less emissions up to 98%. We can now eliminate carbon and colloid deposits in engines and clean and maintain proper fuel flow. This means massive savings and protection for your machinery and far less emissions. Raise octane and cetane.
Better fuel economy

Fuel savings up to 28%

We have vehicles here in Australia getting as much as 30% better fuel economy using XSNano fuel and oil products, and you could too. Apart from reducing fuel consumption XSNano protects your engine and fuel system, removing carbon and colloid deposits from engines and cleaning injectors and fuel systems. Remove and control diesel bug in fuel.
Reduce emissions

Reduce Carbon Emissions up to 98%

XSNano can reduce up to 98% of harmful exhaust emissions especially carbon. Now you can protect the environment and save money. Harmful gasses are removed from your exhaust so you are running clean and protected with XSNano. Turn low grade fuels into premium fuels with XSNano.
  • Economy

    Up to 28% better fuel economy in all vehicles See all
  • Power

    Up to 34% more power in all engines See all
  • Reduce Emissions

    Up to 98% less emissions See all

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 Lubrication Solutions P/L (t/a Bi-Tron Australia) have always provided the very best fuel treatments and lubricants, and for two decades Bi-Tron was the best available. Now we have entered the "Nano" stage in science and technology and XSNano is the most advanced technology available today. Nano technology is far more advanced than the older molecular technology used to create BiTron, and the results we are getting with XSNano are far superior to anything we have ever seen before. We introduced XSNano into Australia in July 2013 after extensive research and the results have been astounding. We even have trucks and road trains here in Australia getting 20-30% better fuel economy and far greater lubricant protection. The results speak for themselves. Contact us directly for further information or bulk pricing. We are now seeking distributors in Australia and New Zealand to promote and sell XSNano products, anyone interested should contact Lubrication Solutions P/L for further details.

XSNano is non toxic, non flamable and completely safe to use in all engines with no modifications to any engine or fuel system. XSNano cannot void any warranties and has EPA approvals and international standards ratings. XSNano fully complies with Australian standards, approvals and Environmental agencies.

A few of the large companies we deal with here at Lubrication Solutions P/L expressed concerns about using the XSNano oil and fuel additives, because of deals, contracts or agreements they had set up with oil companies to use their products.
Relax, don’t be alarmed, we are not asking anyone to change their brand of oil or alter their agreements with the oil companies at all. All you need to do is add a few drops (only 1ml for every litre of oil) of XSNano to your machinery to improve your oils environment.
Allow me to explain a few simple truths.
In mechanics there is what they call “the vicious cycle” and this is simply the fact that “Friction causes heat, heat causes expansion and expansion causes more friction” if not broken, this cycle will repeat and destroy any machine. Two results would be metal fatigue causing breakage or seizure, which is where the metal parts become so hot the fuse or weld together. Either one is not good and usually very costly.
And this is where oil and lubricants come in.
Oil has always been the best way to prevent this cycle, by reducing friction between metal surfaces. But oil is used in the most hostile environments and suffers from degradation the minute that an engine or machine starts working. Friction, heat, agitation and impurities all add to the degradation of the oil, and this is why you need to have regular oil changes, to replace the oil before it loses too much of its effectiveness or protection qualities.
Everyone has now heard about “NANO” technology, right? If not you will, as it is the greatest breakthrough in science technology in decades.
Now, imagine introducing nanospheres of diamond dust to the metal surfaces creating an indestructible rolling lubricant surface that prevents metal friction and wear between moving parts. This reduces the degradation of your oil, but more importantly it reduces the friction and wear of your machinery. This in turn takes the load of your drive train. (Remember you can add this to all your drive train, so each section has the same results).
The results will be immediate. Engines will run smoother, quieter and cooler. Fuel consumption will be reduced as the load has now been reduced from the drive train. And the life of your oil (and your machinery) extended.
And this is why you should be adding XSNano to all your trucks, cars, boats, planes, generators, pumps, compressors in fact all machinery to reduce friction and wear.
XSNano is also available for fuel and should be used in conjunction with the XSNano oil additive for best results.
We have trucks and road trains here in Australia’s harsh environment getting as much as 25% better fuel economy, you could too. Add XSNano Fuel Saving Additive at a ratio of 1; 10,000 to the tank before adding the Fuel. For example 10ml of NDA treats 100 litres of diesel. Or add product in the same ratio directly to fuel in storage or bunker facilities. For Oil the NLA ratio is 1; 1,000.

Results should include.

  • Fuel saving up to 28%
  • Reduce harmful emissions and pollutants up to 98%
  • Cleanses the entire fuel system of carbon residue and sediments up to 99%
  • Increase engine power up to 34%
  • Protects the engine and fuel system from oxidation and corrosion.
  • Reduce maintenance costs.
  • Extend your vehicle lifespan.
  • Reduces emissions up to 98%

More details and bulk pricing see www.xsnano.com.au


Trucks and Road Trains Farming Equipment Mining Equipment Boating Trains

Trucks and Road Trains

Trucks and Road Trains are getting 20 to 30 perscent savings reducing running costs with XSNano and you could too!

Use less fuel, get more power and reduce exhaust emissions.

Best results use NDA for Diesel and NLA for all oils

Agricultural Equipment

Working the land can be tough, and to survive you need to lower operating costs and keep your machinery in peak operating condition without break downs. Down time is lost money and repairs can be costly.

Best results use NDA for Diesel and NLA for all oils

Mining Equipment

The mining industry knows all too well that if one machine stops so do others that rely on it. Keeping equipment operating reliably in good condition is essential.

Reduce emissions and save money

Best results use NDA for Diesel and NLA for all oils

Contact us directly for bulk pricing.

Commercial Fleets

Commercial fleets can be assured they are trouble free whilst at sea, and their vessels are operating reliably and constantly. This is where you don't want any break downs or delays. Reliability is essential.

Best results use NDA for Diesel and NLA for all oils

You don't want any mechanical problems when you are offshore.


Any machinery using large amounts of fuel can save large amounts of money by reducing fuel consumption and reducing friction and wear on all moving parts and reduce emissions.

The more fuel you use, the more money you could be saving.

Best results use NDA for Diesel and NLA for all oils

Contact us directly for bulk pricing.


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