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Why do I need fuel additives?

Science has made some astonishing advancements over the past few decades in the field of lubricants and fuels.

Engineering in fuels and lubricants has gone through the molecular engineering stage to the new nano engineering field. (A nano is one millionth of a molecule).

Some new fuel additives and lubricants were developed in China with a specific goal set. Scientists were given the task to create a product that would reduce pollution and reduce fuel consumption. Two of the biggest problems facing China today are pollution from vehicle emissions and the shortage of fuel oil.

New Nano technology applied to fuel can increase the burn rate of fuel and thus reducing up to 98% of exhaust emissions and providing more power and better fuel economy by as much as 28%.

Over the past decades the automobile industry, oil companies and government have also been trying to reduce emissions without reducing fuel consumption. After all who would design a new product that would REDUCE sales? And governments rely heavily on fuel tax in their budgets.

Products were removed or dramatically reduced in fuel and oils to reduce emissions, the most obvious being the LEAD from petrol and SULFUR from diesel.

Catalytic Converters and Selective Catalytic Reduction systems were then introduced to the after burn on engines to further reduce emissions and burn off carbon.

But unfortunately the zinc dithiophosphate (ZDDP) which is one of the main lubricants in oil was destroying the catalytic converters so it too was removed or reduced from most oils.

Walk into any auto spares shop and see the vast array of oils on the market and several different oils from each company. You need a university degree to work out which oil is still suitable (or most effective) for the particular engine you have.

Bottom line is;

You need to be adding your own lubricant back into fuel and oil.

Fuel additives not only can add lubricant back to your fuel and oil, but will also reduce the amount of fuel you use.

We need to promote the use of approved fuel additives especially with rising cost of fuel and increased fuel taxes, so spread the word.

Some fuel additives can give up to 28% better fuel economy, reduce up to 98% emissions and increase power up to 34%. It can save you a lot of money. So give them a try yourself.

Remember. You can’t change the price of fuel, but you can change the amount of fuel you use.    

With the rising of fuel oil prices and the environmental pollution becoming more serious, XSNano fuel saving additive is developed with liquid nano-technology, which is a super-concentrated environmentally friendly multi-functional fuel additive that is an “all-in-one” power booster, fuel saver, emissions reducer, engine protector and combustion chamber deposit cleaner.

It is the latest generation of streamlined fuel additive in the world.

The Savings you want

XSNano Fuel Saving and Oil Additives

 Obtain up to 34% More power

 Use up to 28% Less Fuel 

Have up to 98% Fewer Emissions

You actually save money by using XSNano fuel and oil additives, as well as preventing wear and costly repairs.


   Without XSNano                           With XSNano  

                                           After adding Xsnano                               Before Xsnano                                                         

Carbon build up before and after XSNano 

XSNano is the latest generation of streamlined fuel additives, in the world.

  • Developed using Liquid Nano- technology.
  • Super-concentrated -1ml treats 10litres of fuel (50ml bottle treats 500ltrs of fuel)
  • Environmentally friendly – reduce harmful exhaust pollution up to 98%
  • Effectively inhibit or eliminate carbon deposits in combustion chamber including the spark plug, fuel spray nozzle, gas inlet valve, gas exhaust valve etc.
  • Clean Carbon and colloid and impurities from the fuel system.
  • Increases octane rating of petrol by 4-8 RON
  • Reduces Maintenance Costs and extends engine life
  • Fuel will not suffer condensation and stratification
  • XSNano CAN NOT cause any damage to engines.

XSNano dramatically improves the treatment of friction in engines, improving the fuel burn rates in fuel, which in turn provides a more complete burn of the fuel, giving far better fuel economy, more power and better engine protection.

XSNano mixes rapidly with fuel to form a thermodynamically stable dispersed phase. When atomized within the fuel chamber, during the compression stroke the rising temperature will cause the fuel droplets to have a micro-steam explosion and split the fuel into smaller particles, hundreds of times smaller than the original molecules. The fuel is vaporized so well that it makes fuel combustion fully explosive. Hence a significant reduction in fuel consumption and also a significant improvement in engine performance. The micro-steam explosion will avoid the sediment and carbon build up around the piston and valves and will break down existing deposits, allowing the engine to perform better and run cleaner.

XSNano comes in convenient easy measuring dispenser bottles or bulk containers.

XSNano NRL Oil Treatment treats all oils, (engine, gearbox, transmission, diffs, hydraulic etc)

The XSNano Nano Rolling Lubricant oil additive is based on nano diamond technology, which is small spheres of diamond particles that create a hard frictionless surface between all moving parts reducing friction and preventing wear.

  • Used at a ratio of 1ml per litre of oil. (No need to drain oil from most engines before adding).
  • Resists pressure and high temperatures.
  • Protects engines and extends engine life.
  • Increases engine power.
  • Increase the interval between oil changes.
  • Reduces fuel costs.
  • Reduces pollution.
  • Reduces noise level up to 18 decibels.


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Prevent wear and save fuel
with XSNano products

Our products: XSNano Gasoline Saving Additive (NGA), XSnano Diesel Saving Additive (NDA),
and XSnano Lubricant oil Additive (NLA).

 XSNano fuel additive, a super-concentrated environmentally multi-functional fuel additive that is an "all-in-one" power booster, fuel saver, emissions reducer, engine protector and combustion chamber deposit cleaner. And the proportion is 1: 10,000 between our XSNano additive and fuel.

Ratio: 1: 10,000 so a 50ml bottle will treat 500 litres of fuel.

Some benefits;
A) Reducing consumption up to 28%. 
B) Reducing harmful matter including CO, HC, and NO, etc. up to 98%. It is propitious to protect the environment. 
C) Increases vehicle's power up to 34%, and reduces/eliminates engine operation noise and makes driving smoother. 
D) Effectively inhibits or eliminates carbon deposits in combustion chamber including the spark plug, fuel spray nozzle, gas inlet valve, gas exhaust valve etc. 
E) Reducing requirement of octane for petrol engine 4-6RON. 
F) Effectively cleaning colloid and impurities in fuel system, so the fuel system will be cleaner. 
G) Users have less maintenance costs, extending engine's life. 

XSNano works well in new and old engines, in all fuels, all climates and seasons.

No engine modification is required. 

for more details see www.xsnano.com.au